Data Solutions

Make your business really intelligent. Enable your organization to get insights about your customers. Super charge your business to change data into intelligence.
Intelligence is driven by the effective access to the information, without the access to the right information you might be losing the next big opportunity. At Kemia iSoftware we have the tools to provide information you need; we help build your intelligence which shall enable you to discover new horizons in the market.

Data Aggregation

At times you might just be overlooking the data in front of you. We at Kemia iSoftware aggregate, validate and clean the data and present only the highly valuable relevant data to you, thus enabling you to focus on core marketing activities and avoid getting lost in the data dust.

Internal Data Pooling

Every business knowingly or unknowingly aggregates lot of valuable data. We at Kemia iSoftware, help you realize and rationalize such potential data to provide you effective intelligence through our custom processes and tools.

Data Analytics

Analytics is all about the right inference. Analytics can just be the guiding light to success. We can help you make effective decisions through highly-effective use of analytics through easy to use tools and dashboards. With all the analytics in your hand you can focus on investing more on where it makes an impact and thus build your credibility on the same.

Market Segmentation

We at Kemia iSoftware provide you with customer intelligence to effectively identify the market segmentation grouping. Kemia iSoftware pivots on the unique dimension of segmentation based on the behavioral aspect of the customers. The segmentation based on the geography, Psycho graph, demography has always proved to be a successful solution for the market segmentation. Grouping and regrouping the consumer likes and dislikes also plays a major pert on this and we use our expertise resources on the market segmentation thus enabling you to hitting the right segment.

Customer Connect

How well do you know your customers? Do you understand who they really are and what they really want? What if we can tell you what exactly your customer likes and the right way to present it.
At Kemia iSoftware we understand and analyze the customer’s behavioral pattern which we pivot on to provide you with a ladder to connect with them emotionally. Customer behavior and customer connect gives you an edge over other players. With customer behavior analytics in hand we help you build, improvise or project your brand/product/service in a far more effective way.