Certain engaging activities actually turn out to be consumer retention strategy and act as an indirect marketing driver. Using TAA (target, Attract and acquire) rule paves a solid path in the consumer behavior. Most of the marketing strategy fails simply because they don’t listen; we unlike others are all ears always for our consumers listening through various channels. Moving a step breaking vanity we measure and value the consumer lifetime value.
Customers today don’t look for experiences with you, they demand a relationship. How well are you with meeting with their expectations, providing them with experiences and engaging them in a relationship? At Kemia iSoftware we help you strengthen your relationship with your customers with a variety of engagement solutions.

Campaign Management

We, at Kemia iSoftware provides tools and techniques to process online information and enable it to analyze the market trend and behavior. This helps in tailoring marketing messages to specific market segment. On knowing the market trend and market behavior it is possible to predict the growth and need of the market. This allows for a deeper level of targeted marketing, giving businesses insight into the habits and desires of consumers. We make it easy for you to understand and take decisions for the future.

  • Market Prioritization
  • Targeted SMS
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • Customer Focused Creatives
  • Social Media Research
  • Media Strategy
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Content Development & Promotion
  • Social Media Monitoring

Lead Management

Do you know, your buyers might have had opinions and could have made decisions even before your sales team gets to them?
At Kemia iSoftware, we help you reach them even before sending them to sales bucket. With iSoftware’s lead management solutions we enable you to attract buyers through inbound and outbound programs and convert them with landing pages and progressive forms. We also help you nurture them with personalized campaigns and get sales to a winning front.

Digital Reputation

How well do people know your brand? What if you can read the minds of people to know what they think about you?
It’s always good to know where you really stand in the minds of your customers. It has been tough analyzing the market and customers to know what they think about you. Now it’s simple than ever to get the insight on your digital reputation from Kemia iSoftware’s Digital reputation report.

Branding Solutions

Does your brand have Life?
Brands don’t exist, they live in the minds of people. At Kemia iSoftware we help build your brand with a proven branding process. We start with research on your brand to develop the gap analysis and use the results to boost your brand recognition through various mediums ranging from advertising to social media marketing.

Customer Base Marketing

With Kemia iSoftware’s Listening Systems you will now be able to expand your relationship with your customers and identify the right complementary products to market to them. With your existing customer data we help you to up sell and cross sell to your customers. We also help you to prioritize your best customer on analyzing their behavioral data. We help you listen to your customer’s behaviors to determine their interest on your products so that you can predict their needs and prioritize conversations with them.

Channel Based Marketing

How well is your presence cross platform?
We grow your presence cross platform with Kemia iSoftware’s channel based marketing solutions, where we market your brand through social medias, email, mobile and other marketing platforms. Now analyze and track on how effective are the marketing campaigns on various platforms, focus on the platforms where your customers and leads are utmost present.